Public Safety Public Relations

As an experienced Public Information Officer with over 15 years pitching, responding, and overall working with media professionals at the local, state, and national level, I'm available for consulting to help you or your agency connect with their community. Some of the services I'm able to provide

Service rates are negotiable, a minimum of 2 billable hours are required with any service commitment.  

Other Available Services

Fiction Reviews

Working on a script, play, film, book, short story, or other work of fiction and want to make sure your character's emergency is authentically handled? I'm available to consult for fiction reviews at $15 per scene, up to 5000 words max. I'll make sure your work contains best practices in EMS for the time period in which it is set. 

Safety Plan Review

Many safety plans don't think about local responders and tend to brush over the most common emergencies. I can help by reviewing recent incidents, making sure the most common time-sensitive medical emergencies are addressed, and suggesting accompanying training for any plan. 

E-learning Development

Need regular safety training? I can help! I'm happy to develop monthly courses on common emergencies based on features I've shared to the S. Central PA community via TV. Perfect for an organization looking to provide occasional safety-related messaging to members. Prices start at $25/course. Live courses are available for an extra fee.