Welcome to iHarig

This is the personal website of Nathan Harig, a guy who does stuff.

Such stuff includes

  • Tinkering with tech projects (like his own Mastodon instance, programming a bot in NodeJS to send emergency alerts to Twitter/Mastodon, installing a bunch of Docker images, playing with them, and then removing them when he realizes he has no use for them, and more).

  • Being on-camera and behind a keyboard to make sure vital messages about the Emergency Medical Services are received by those who need to hear it most.

  • Running support/maintenance on an app he developed for iOS/Android titled "PA EMS Protocols by iHarig," which displays the latest protocols and other useful updates for Emergency Medical Responders in Pennsylvania.

  • Passionately trying to figure out ways to promote community health and safety through boards, commissions, initiatives, and as his role as a paramedic/Assistant Chief of Administration at Cumberland Goodwill EMS in Carlisle, PA.

  • Being a husband to an amazingly patient wife and dad to two pretty fun daughters who he doesn't deserve in any way, shape, or form.

  • Holding a US Amateur Radio License as KC3URK and communicating most often to Europe and South America through digital radio modes.

  • Typing in the third person.

  • Much, much more!

Feel free to browse this site, which is a perennial work in progress, to learn more about Nathan!

Nathan, with coffee cup in hand, attempting to look artsy but in reality just a regular guy doing stuff he likes.

Always prepared

Living the glam life

Face made for radio

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